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Filipino Comedy: Babalu and Don Pepot

All Star Cast! nakakamiss ang old pilipino comedies.. Kahit ganitong eksena lang grabe ang tawa ko! hehehe.


The Ups and Downs of Sailing – Sailing Inspire Ep 3

It was a very action packed week on Inspire. We got robbed, sailed to Ibiza, had our first night sail, ripped our main sheet and hit our first 35 knot winds while …


Newton fails

An apple inspired Isaac Newton to formulate the “Law of Universal Gravitation” but, what would have happened if this apple hadn’t hit his head?

– This is my first submission to the GSG Five Second Project “Command + Z”

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The Turn of the Screw

Accolades *
*WINNER! Adobe Design Achievement Awards (2012) **
*WINNER! Royal Television Society NB awards (2012) **

Hi all,
Where to begin? I decided to create a visual interpretation of one of my Brothers songs. Turn of the screw is about a woman not being able to come to terms with the loss of love. Throughout the narrative we hopefully take a peek inside her world and slowly see her dismantling the machinery of her mind. I could go on but interpretation is in the eye of the beholder. For full effect use headphones.

A Brief workflow: concept – stage building – props – dolly track – film shoot – Editing – Post effects – Compositing.

It was a massive undertaking for just one person but I seemed to get through it. I would like to thank my brother Steve for his unending patience and his inspirational help without which I would have taken to the bottle mid project. This one’s for you bro..

Filmed in HD 1920 x 1080.

Actress – Stacie James
Birdman – Steve Lavelle
Song written and performed by Steve Lavelle from Small Wonder.
Concept, Matte paintings, Effects and editing and all that gubbins – Chris Lavelle

Canon 5d MK II
3 Green screens (one a pop up which is hilarious when it hits you in the chin)
Lighting rig (homemade)
Dolly track (homemade)
Warehouse – Thank you for the use of this Gonzo
Props – Located from various second hand shops and friends. Burned and reborn.

After Effects + plugins
Cinema 4d
Premier Pro
Lots of Trapcode plugins
Freeform Pro (thanks Mettle)

I have set up a site at for a bit of visual interest.

Anyway, i hope you like it. I am happy to discuss techniques and moods.

All the best, as ever


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RT @PMSLweb: Hilarious TGIF pics & memes – #funny #humor #lol #Memes #FunnyPict…

RT @PMSLweb: Hilarious TGIF pics & memes – #funny #humor #lol #Memes #FunnyPictures #PMSLweb

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Inspirational and motivational football quotes and sayings to inspire your team….

Inspirational and motivational football quotes and sayings to inspire your team.

Source by Sports Feel Good

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