So mysterious! Let’s dive in.


Dark sky, spooky highway… potential Mystery Machine?


Aha, yes indeed!

…weird way to depict headlights, but hey, we can still see Shag ‘n’ Scoob are here, so all is well.


They’re driving through the deser–… wait, wasn’t the windshield transparent a second ago?


Ok, that’s better. 

So, they’re in the desert, looking fo–


…aaaaand it’s opaque again. 

Meh, it’s not that weird. Must just be weird reflections… of the moon… from multiple angles at once… large enough to obscure the entire pane?

Anyway. It’s dark and spooky, driving all the way to–


…oh come on, now it’s–… erm…


…ok, Scoob, please stop creepin’ me out like that.

I feel 40% more cursed now. Great.

Can we please go for more than a few seconds without radically altering th–


…oh, come on! It just keeps happening!

Zippin’ through the desert? Can’t see the gang. 


Doing their prairie dog impressions? We can see ‘em perfectly.


What manner of crazy, otherworldly power could cause such a thing?


Yup… you guessed it…


…it has to be aliens.

Year 2000, here we come… and it’s gonna be a heck of a ride, folks.

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